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4 Things Not to Overlook on Your Apartment Search

4 Things Not to Overlook on Your Apartment Search

4 Things Not to Overlook on Your Apartment Search

When you are looking for an apartment for rent in Simpsonville, SC, many people, make the mistake of signing up a lease for the first place they find. But it is necessary that you do your homework, take your time and be very, very sure that the apartment you are going for will meet all your needs.

However, don’t stress yourself with too many requirements. Pay attention only to a few things you feel are essential to your ideal apartment space. Make a shortlist, schedule a day for your apartment tours, and then keep an eye on these five essentials when choosing your new apartment for rent in Simpsonville, SC.



One of the most important things that many people overlook when choosing a new apartment is the location. Before you sign up a lease check out the apartment community, map out the distance it will take you to get to your buddy’s house, gym and your workplace.

Also, you should consider having a ride around the neighborhood with your bike or car to see which gas stations, dry cleaner, restaurant, drugstore, and grocery store are nearby. Be sure to choose a location that is convenient for you- remember you might be locked in for a year or two if you put pen to a lease.



A lot of people get carried away by amenities like a saltwater pool or parking space without actually taking time to check if they’re are comfortable with the living room, kitchen, and every other room. Remember you will spend more time inside the apartment rather than the pool, so don’t make the mistake of using amenities as a yardstick in choosing an apartment.

Take a walk around the apartment and ask yourself “Do I feel comfortable here?” Ensure you have a measuring tape in your pocket so can check if your favorite pieces of furniture will fit into the room. Keep an eye on the wall socket, are there enough to plug your appliances and electronics. Check the amount windows, is there adequate sunlight in the room? Do not be in a hurry, take your time and to see if the apartment will provide the comfort level that suits you.


Good Signal

Say, the location is terrific, you feel entirely comfortable, you are sure your furniture will fit perfectly, and your favorite coffee shop is just a stone throw away. But what if you are unable to use your cellphone inside the room? Annoying right? Save yourself the stress of going outside with your cellphone above your head to find the spot for cell service. Try calling your buddy from inside the apartment, to be sure you have a robust signal that will save you from asking this question a hundred times when on the phone “Can you hear me?”



Before choosing an apartment, make sure you check the noise level. If the apartment complex is in an urban district, have it in mind you will hear noise from the streets, especially car horns. Take a moment and sit peacefully in the apartment with the windows closed (and open) to judge the noise.


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