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6 Houseplants to clean your air and lighten your apartment

6 Houseplants to clean your air and lighten your apartment

6 Houseplants to clean your air and lighten your apartment

There are numerous benefits to having houseplants in your apartment. One of such benefit is the purification ability that most of these plants have alongside their ability to lighten and beautify your home. Your ideal houseplant has low survival requirements, is not messy and cleans the air that you breathe all at once. Today, we take our pick of top 5 houseplants that will help you purify your apartment. If you have been searching for apartments for rent in Simpsonville, SC you know the area has beautiful landscapes all around, but if you want to have nature even closer to home, you may opt to have one of these plants in your space.


1. The Gerber Daisy

The Gerber Daisy is a brightly lit flowering plant. This radiant color plant is great at cleansing the air and removing the presence of trichloroethylene which is a chemical sometimes found in the air. The Gerber Daisy is a beautiful fit anywhere and will compliment your interior décor. This plant needs considerable amount of sunlight so you will need to place it next to a sunny window.


2. The Aloe Vera

There is hardly anyone who needs to be lectured on the amazing benefits and versatility of the Aloe plant. The Aloe plant gel is so effective that it is used for a number of cosmetic and face treatment options. The plant’s gel can also soothe the effects of sunburns as well as inflammation of the skin from pimples and eczema. 
Aloe Vera is known for its ability to clean the air of Benzene and Formaldehyde that are common in household paints and cleaners.


3. The Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is one of the most effective plants that plays significant role in purifying the air around us. The Peace Lily is a beautiful plant and will survive in dry and dim light conditions. The plant has the ability to battle a wide array of toxic organic substances including Xylene, Benzene, Trichloroethylene, Toluene and Formaldehyde. Quite effective is the Peace Lily that it ranks high atop NASA’s best air-filtering houseplants lists.


4. The Bamboo Palm

The Bamboo Palm is also present in the list put out by NASA as one of the best air-cleaning houseplants. The plant is also called the Reed Palm and thrives in shady indoor areas. The plant may produce small berries and flowers and is not really tolerant of sunlight as other plants may be.


5. The Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is one plant that requires very little effort to care for. The plant thrives in low light and often produces red berries and blooms on maturity. The Chinese Evergreen is great at filtering out air pollutants and will also help to bring color and simplicity to your apartment.


6. The Red-edged Dracaena

Given the chance, the Red-edged Dracaena can grow all the way to the ceiling. The plant is a unique shrub and flaunts its beauty with the red edges that taint its long green leaves. Asides from the beauty and color pop that the plant brings to the home, the shrub is also excellent at cleansing the air of the presence of trichloroethylene.


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