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A Quick Guide to Floor Lamps

A Quick Guide to Floor Lamps

A Quick Guide to Floor Lamps

Floor lamps may be the perfect solution for apartment dwellers wishing to add a little more light in their Simpsonville, South Carolina, apartments. While most lights are functional, some floor lamps can add beauty to your apartment. Others spread their light across the area, making it easier to see in dark corners. Still, others are designed to give bright light in a particular Here are some types of floor lamps that you might want to consider.

Ambient Floor Lamps

Ambient floor lamps are great at lighting up dark areas because their shades help diffuse the light over a larger area. Often these lamps have shades designed to bounce the light up to the ceiling. Then, the light comes back down in different directions. Other ambient floor lamp choices are designed to bounce the light off the wall before it diffuses across the room. Regardless of your choice, ambient lamps can be minimalistic, or they can be works of art. 

Reading Floor Lamps

While not as bright as task lights, manufacturers design reading floor lamps to provide enough light to read comfortably. That amount of light may also let you participate in your favorite hobbies, such as sewing or whittling. Look for lamps that have added features, such as tiltable shades or extendable arms, as they will be more useful. Some lamps have a dedicated reading lamp while the other light serves a different purpose. These lamps can be beneficial if you are looking at an apartment for rent in Simpsonville, SC, that is smaller in size. 

Torchiere Floor Lamps

Torchiere floor lamps have shades shaped like a torch. These lamps are excellent at defining a corner of a room or a seating area. They are not, however, useful as task lighting because their design bounces the light off the ceiling and reflects it across an area. You can find many options with decorative shades allowing you to use them as a piece of art. 

Arc Floor Lamps

Arc floor lamps have a long arm that you can adjust. These lamps also often have adjustable shades. If you put the shade above the light, they make handy reading lamps. Flip the shade around, and these lamps diffuse the light across an area. While there are many uses for these lamps, you may want to consider using it to light a conversational seating area or your dining room table. 

Deciding on the right type of floor lamp can be difficult. Before making a final decision, you must choose the right apartment for rent in Simpsonville, SC. That decision is straightforward. Contact Garden District Apartment Homes. You will love the spacious layout of these luxury apartments in Simpsonville. This gated-access community features colorful gardens around the year, a resort-style swimming pool, and many other features.