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Add Additional Lighting to Your Apartment

Add Additional Lighting to Your Apartment

Add Additional Lighting to Your Apartment

Lots of light in an apartment makes it look bright and cheery. While there is normally lots of lights streaming in from outside at the Garden District Apartment Homes, the sun only stays out so many hours. These apartments also have great lighting options inside each unit. If you would like to add additional light, however, consider these options.


Lamps can be a great addition to a great room or another area in your apartment in Simpsonville, SC. The lamps that you choose can also be a great interest piece. If you are looking for a light that lights up an entire room, then look for options that shine out of the top because the light will travel further.

Decorative Lights

Smaller decorative lights, like wall sconces, can be a great way to add additional light to smaller areas without giving up floor space. Make sure to choose options that you can plug in as opposed to those designed to be hardwired in. Consider options that can be put up with Velcro or adhesive strips so that you do not put holes in the walls.

Undercabinet Lights

If you have areas in your kitchen where it is difficult for you to see, then consider under-counter lights. Options that use batteries are often a great idea because you can just tap on them to turn them on. Therefore, there are no cords that may get in your way when cooking.

Task Lights

Regardless of the amount of light in your unit, you may find that you need more light to see to do some tasks. That is the purpose of task lights that are designed to brightly light a smaller area. They can make it much easier to see to read or to do some hobbies, like needlework or carving.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a great way to add additional light to a small space, like a bathroom. You can choose to hang these lamps from plant hooks in the ceiling making them easy to move when you decide to change apartment homes. These are available in a variety of styles or you can choose to show off your crafting skills by making your own.


If you have a beautiful piece of artwork that you would like everyone to see, then think about installing a spotlight that shines on it. Alternatively, these lights make a great way to focus people’s attention on an architectural feature of your apartment.

When you are searching for apartments in Simpsonville, SC consider Garden District Apartment Homes. These spacious units have plenty of light, but you may want to add decorative lights as conversation pieces. Make sure to check out the specials at these pet-friendly apartments in Simpsonville, SC. Contact them today for a tour and start packing your stuff tonight.