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How to Hire a Mover

How to Hire a Mover

How to Hire a Mover

While many people choose to move their stuff, others decide to hire a mover. While retaining the right mover can be an excellent option, hiring the wrong one can be a nightmare. Here are some things that you may want to think about before you hire a mover.

High-quality Moving Inventory

A reputable moving company will do a moving inventory before they give you an estimate. They will estimate how much space you need on their truck. This estimate determines the amount that they will charge you, so be sure to show them everything that needs moving. If the estimator asks no questions about what you plan to take and what you plan to leave behind, then you need to look for another company.

Check References

Ask the person completing the moving inventory if the business has ever gone under any other name. Many irresponsible change names frequently so that it is hard to trace their company’s history. If you are paying the company to pack your things, then check out the packer’s experience. After all, you do not want to arrive at your new apartment in Simpsonville, SC, to discover that your most precious processions are broken or missing.

Read the Contract

You should always read the contract before you sign it. Some moving companies will try to get you to sign a blank contract, and you should not hire these companies. Others will try to hide hefty fees in the fine print while not discussing them with you. You should ask about any additional charges before signing the contract.

Asks for a Deposit

You should only pay the movers after the move is complete. If they ask for a large deposit, then you need to walk away. Chances are that they will not show up on moving day. When you get to your new apartment, only pay after you are sure that everything is there and that it arrived in great shape.

Understand the Type of Contract

Moving companies use different types of contracts. A non-binding estimate is a common technique used by scammers as they will give you a low-ball estimate. Then, when your move is complete, they will provide you with the final total based on the weight of your stuff. A binding estimate ensures that you pay only the fee that they quoted you. While this can be good in many cases, if your processions weigh less than estimated, you will overpay. The final type of contract is binding- not to exceed the estimate. Under these contracts, you will never pay more than your estimate, but if your processions weigh less, then you will pay less money.

We hope that your move is to our apartments in Simpsonville, SC. See us today to get the process started.