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Kitchen Pantry Hacks

Kitchen Pantry Hacks

Kitchen Pantry Hacks

If your kitchen pantry always seems to be a mess, and you can never find what you want, then you need to get it organized. Simple organization tips will help you save time and the trouble of never knowing what is hiding inside your pantry. Here are some simple tips that you can employ using supplies you can buy at the dollar store.

Hang Baskets

Keep potatoes, onions, and other fruit and vegetables in baskets. Simply put an adhesive strip on the side of the basket. Then, attach it to the wall. Place the items in the basket where they are easily accessible, and you can see how many are left before you head to the grocery store.

Roll Bags

If you have a slew of reusable bags, then roll each one up as tight as possible and put a rubber band around them to hold them. Then, put as many as possible inside a plastic beach tote and hang it from the wall on an adhesive book.

Use Soda Dispensers

If you often buy multiple cans of the same thing, then get a soda can rack. You can place several next to each other where you usually put your canned goods. Then, you can simply refill it when you go grocery shopping, and you save lots of room.

Employ Lazy Susans

If you regularly keep a lot of spices in your cabinet, then put a lazy susan in the corner. That way, you can spin it and find what spice you need quickly. You may even want to label areas for each spice so that you can tell which ones you need to buy soon when it is time to go grocery shopping.

Use Curtain Tension Rods

If you have a lot of pans that you do not know where to put, then use curtain tension rods in your pantry. Put two of them up and place pots and pans in the middle. Alternatively, if you have a lot of glassware that you only use on special occasions, then put a plastic shower cap around them to help protect them and keep the dust off.

Deploy Baskets

Baskets are great at holding all the little items that seem to get lost in your pantry. If you are running out of shelve space, then consider getting a rolling cart and putting your baskets on it. Then, fill each one with related items. For example, you might put all your flour, sugar, and other essential baking supplies in one.

Use these tips to keep the pantry at your apartment in Simpsonville, SC organized. There is one final tip we must pass along. Find a new apartment in Simpsonville, SC at Garden District Apartment Homes where you will find plenty of storage for everything. Give them a call today to schedule a tour.