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Schools Near Garden District Apartment Homes

Schools Near Garden District Apartment Homes

Schools Near Garden District Apartment Homes

If you are a parent, then you know that your child receiving a great education is important. There are great public schools near Garden District Apartment Homes. Of course, we embrace parents’ choices to choose the best education for their child. Therefore, you may also want to consider private schools or homeschooling in Simpsonville.


Simpsonville Elementary School

Located one mile from our apartment is Simpsonville Elementary School. Students from kindergarten to grade five can attend this campus. The school has been named by the National Parent Teachers Association as one of their Schools of Excellence. Additionally, the state has named this school one of their Red Carpet Schools for being parent-friendly. Many exciting things are always going on at Simpsonville Elementary School with students often getting excited about the whole campus reading the same book each month, the beautiful butterfly garden and the outside patio that students can use during lunchtime. About 820 students attend this campus that offers about a 23 students-to-one-teacher ratio.


Bryson Middle School

Students from grades six to eight usually attend Bryson Middle School that is also located about a mile from Garden District Apartment Homes. Many parents who first encounter Bryson Middle School are amazed by the variety of education their children receive on this campus where they can take art, chorus, band, orchestra, technology, agriculture, and Spanish classes. Students can get a jumpstart on their high school careers by taking algebra I, geometry, honors English, Spanish 1 and several technology courses allowing students to finish faster. Students are encouraged to start thinking about their future through career development classes and job shadowing.


Langston Charter Middle School

Other parents living in our apartments in Simpsonville choose for their middle-schoolers to attend Langston Charter Middle School. This school that has been in operation for more than 20 years believes that parents should be an important part of their child’s formal education. Students can earn up to 4.5 high school credits before they leave this middle school campus. Many parents choose this option because students are taught in single-gender classes by qualified teachers. Students wear a school uniform designed to encourage students to distinguish themselves by their actions and not their clothing.


Hillcrest High School

When you consider apartments for rent in Simpsonville, SC, think about the advantages of living just about a mile from the high school campus. Throughout the well-rounded curriculum, students are encouraged daily to think about their personal character as this school picks a word to focus on weekly. This school offers a diverse athletic program including swimming, wrestling, golf, competitive cheer, tennis, football, and many other choices. Artwork done by the students is featured at many locations around town while many students love participating in drama productions. Most years, over 90 percent of graduates go on to attend a two-or-four-year college.


When you are looking for apartments to rent in Simpsonville, SC. make sure to consider Garden District Apartments. You will love these spacious apartments located near the schools.