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Tips for Creating a Magazine-worth Bedroom

Tips for Creating a Magazine-worth Bedroom

Tips for Creating a Magazine-worth Bedroom

If you often return from vacation and look at your bedroom with a ho-hum feeling, then here are some tips that you can use to make a magazine-worthy bedroom at your apartment in Simpsonville, SC. The great news is that following these tips will not break your bank account.


Use the Right Pillows

You need lots of pillows on your bed to make it magazine worthy. In fact, aim to fill about 25 percent of the bed’s length with pillows. Start with those you love to sleep on but add lots and lots of pillows that you will take off at night and put back in the morning. You can easily change out your pillows based on the season to keep your bedroom looking fresh.


Choose Unique Lamps

One mistake that is often made is using lamps that are too short. Opt for lamps that are taller than one would expect. Then, opt for a cool shade. This is a great place to add some color to your bedroom or find choices that reflect your interest. Chances are that the lamps you brought had generic shades on them, so give them to a friend and pick some unique option. If you can only splurge in one area of your bedroom, make it the lamps as they will naturally attract the eye to them.


Use Artwork

Many people concentrate on filling their living space with artwork, but if you want your bedroom to look great, then it needs art too. If money is tight, then choose a statement piece and put it above your bed. Consider using tapestry to bring some unique textures to the room. When you choose pieces to compliment your statement piece, consider the colors in your statement piece, and choose those that have the same colors, are complimentary or analogous. If you choose metal art for above your bed, then find a bedspread that repeats some of the scrollwork to create a more coordinated look.


Style the Nightstand

While it may be tempting to use your nightstand as a dumping ground for all your chargers, unopened mail, and other miscellaneous items that always seem to find their way there, but for a great looking bedroom choose to style your nightstand. Start by choosing a nightstand from the same period as your bed. Then, fill it with works of art. If your budget will not allow you to splurge, try creating your own using found objects.


Creating a magazine-worth bedroom starts with choosing the right apartments in Simpsonville, SC. You owe it to yourself to check out the bedrooms at Garden District Apartment Homes. You will love their spaciousness with plenty of closet space. Give the staff a call today to arrange a tour or begin your application process online. They look forward to being your new home in Simpsonville.