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Welcome Spring to Your Apartment in Simpsonville, SC with these Fun Crafting Ideas

Welcome Spring to Your Apartment in Simpsonville, SC with these Fun Crafting Ideas

Welcome Spring to Your Apartment in Simpsonville, SC with these Fun Crafting Ideas

Spring is a wonderful time to celebrate. You can easily create these fun spring centerpieces to show everyone that you are in the mood to celebrate the fact that you have found great apartments in Simpsonville, SC.


Candy Centerpiece

A white chocolate Easter bunny can quickly become a fabulous centerpiece when you use him as your centerpiece. Start by placing a large jar upside down on a cake stand. Then, position the white chocolate Easter bunny on top. Use Easter grass and candy to build him a nest. Then, position him in the middle of your dining room table.


Kumquat Filled Flower Vase

It is easy to bring the magic of spring daffodils inside when you put them in a pretty vase filled with kumquats. You can even throw in a few limes to add extra color., Just put the kumquats in some water and add your flowers for a sunny display that will add warmth to any room setting.


Miniature Garden

It is incredibly easy to create a miniature garden to serve as a centerpiece on your spring dining room table, but you will find many other places around your apartment where this centerpiece will look perfect. Start by heading to the thrift store to find a pretty spring-themed teacup. Put some small stones in the bottom to aid drainage. Then, plant some succulents. You should water your miniature garden carefully because it lacks proper drainage. You can even add miniature garden accessories like welcome signs, fairies and stepping stones to your teacup garden if you desire.


Repurpose a Lantern

If you can find an old lantern, like a hurricane lantern, then it is easy to repurpose it into a gorgeous centerpiece. Start by covering the bottom of the lantern with some faux moss. Then, add a bird’s nest or two depending on the size of your lantern. Finally, add create some beautiful Easter eggs to add to your display.



You can easily use a candelabra to create a beautiful springtime centerpiece. Simply find some faux wildflowers and wrap them around the candelabra’s stem before inserting some springtime candles. You may even want to use aromatherapy candles to give your apartment a beautiful spring-inspired aroma.


Jellybean Tree

You can easily turn spring-colored jellybeans into a beautiful centerpiece for your table. Start by heading outside after a spring thunderstorm to find a branch that has blown down. Then, hot glue jellybeans to the branches like they were leaves. Insert the base of the branch into a jar filled with jellybeans to add a brightly colored touch to your table.


Regardless of what springtime decorations you decide to create find the right apartments in Simpsonville, SC to display them in. You will love the apartment choices available at Garden District Apartment Homes. You will also find it easy to make new friends who will love seeing all your creations.