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Why Renting is Better Than Buying

Why Renting is Better Than Buying

Why Renting is Better Than Buying

Owning your own home is the American Dream for many people. While there are those who prefer to own their own home, it is not always the best choice. Here are some reasons that renting is better than buying your home.

More Flexibility

When you decide to buy your own home, if you make a mistake, then you may have trouble selling it. Likewise, if your company decides to move you, then you may have difficulty selling your home. When you choose to rent, you have much more flexibility. You can often pay a fee or sublease your apartment if you need to move while your lease is still in effect. In any case, you will only need to live there until the end of your contract at the longest.


When you own a home, then security is up to you to handle. You can put new locks on doors and install security cameras. There may not be people to notice when something looks wrong. At apartment complexes, like Garden District Apartment Homes, people are always around. Furthermore, you will feel safe because of the locked gate with limited access. Your neighbors are much closer, so they may notice a problem much sooner than if you lived in a house.


When you own a home, then you must pay many different items that you do not have to pay when you rent. For example, you have to pay property taxes, and depending on the home’s location, you may also need to pay a homeowners association fee. Additionally, when something goes wrong, you must pay the cost of repairs. When you live in an apartment, your rent covers all the fees.  Additionally, renters insurance is much cheaper than homeowners insurance.

Newer Appliances

When you buy a home, you are often stuck using the appliances that came with the house to save money. When you rent, the landlord often installs the latest appliances to get you to rent there, and they are responsible for their upkeep. For example, when you rent at Garden District Apartment Homes, you get beautiful appliances to use.


When you buy a home, then you may not have many amenities, so you must go out and pay extra money for these things. When you live in most apartment complexes, then you often get to swim in the pool and exercise in the fitness room. Additionally, there are often outdoor cooking areas where you can comfortably entertain.

If you still believe that buying a home is the right move for you, then we wish you all the luck in the world. For everyone else, come look at our apartments for rent in Simpsonville, SC. We are sure that you will be pleased with our apartment complex.