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Five Places You May Forget to Clean in Your Apartment

Five Places You May Forget to Clean in Your Apartment

Five Places You May Forget to Clean in Your Apartment

Are you about to embark on a cleaning spree to tidy up your apartment for the new year?  Do you want to make sure that you that you thoroughly and deeply clean your apartment this time around?  When it comes time for you to clean your place, you will want to be thorough and make sure to not miss even one spot.  This way, you can rest-assured that you've deep cleaned your apartments for rent in Simpsonville, South Caroline for 2021.   These are five places that are commonly missed when people clean their apartments on a regular basis.


You likely have baseboards in each room in your apartment, but you probably forget to properly clean these each time you clean your apartment.  Although your baseboards do not need to be cleaned each week, they should still be cleaned on a routine basis.  Consider adding baseboards to your cleaning schedule at least once every few months.

Window Treatments

Blinds, curtains, and shades should be cleaned on a routine basis as well.  Many windows can collect dust, which can build up over time.  If this is left neglected, your blinds may even get permanent damage.  You should also wash your curtains at least once every six months so that you can remove any allergens, dust, or other dander that can be collected over time.

Light Fixtures

Ceilings can be difficult to reach when you are cleaning your apartment, especially if you have chosen a unit that has higher ceilings.  However, you want to be sure that you clean your light fixtures to remove dust.  When you clean your light fixtures, you also allow the light to shine brighter, as the dust will prevent the light from fully shining.

Ceiling Fans

Like light fixtures, ceiling fans will also need to be cleaned on a routine basis.  Ceiling fans can actually collect a lot of dust over time, and this dust can be scattered throughout your apartment, decreasing your air quality each time you use it.  Even though you may assume that your ceiling fan is being cleaned each time it is spinning, this is inaccurate.  You will need to dust off all parts of the fan on a routine basis to keep it fully clean.

Behind Appliances and Toilets

Many people forget to move their appliances or wipe down behind toilets when they clean their homes.  Although this doesn't need to happen each time you clean, you should wipe down behind your appliances a few times a year.  You should also strive to clean behind your toilets at least once a month.  This will keep residue from building up, which can prevent odors, stains, and other tough messes.

These are five of the spots that many apartment owners will forget to clean when they do their routine cleaning.  However, when you vow to deep clean your entire apartment to prepare for 2021, you won't want to leave one spot unturned.  If you are looking for new apartments for rent in Simpsonville, South Carolina to call home next year, contact Live Garden District to hear about our available rentals now.