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5 Tips for Maximizing Book Storage in Your Apartment

5 Tips for Maximizing Book Storage in Your Apartment

5 Tips for Maximizing Book Storage in Your Apartment

If you are a reader, then you know that books can easily take up a lot of space. Yet, you would not dare part with a single one from your favorite authors as they bring you great joy. If this describes you, then use these ideas to display books in your apartment.

Sleep on a Literary Bed

If you love to fall to sleep every night reading, then keep your books close to your bed where your favorite ones will be easy to access. There are many outstanding options for bookshelf headboards at the most popular e-commerce websites. Use a low flat bookcase to create e bookshelf footboard for your bed. Put a board about 10 inches under each side of your bed and a flat one on the floor allowing you to fill this space with even more books.

Build a Ladder Library

A ladder library can be a beautiful and functional addition to your apartment. Start by positioning two ladders your living room. You can paint them a fun color that coordinates perfectly with your home décor. Then, fasten a shelf between the top of the two ladders allowing you to store books up high where you may currently be wasting space. If you have young children, you may even want to cover the outside of your ladder with some fabric to make a fun reading nook.

Create Bookshelf Seating

It is incredibly easy to turn a low bookshelf into a beautiful and functional reading nook by a sunny window. Construct a seat for the top of the bookshelf using some foam and a piece of fabric. Add decorative pillows so that you will want to sit on the bookshelf and read.

Use a Wheel Cart

A cart with wheels can make a functional way to add book storage to your home because you can easily move it from one room to another as desired. Think about buying a double-sided one to maximize the storage while minimizing the space that the cart takes. You may even find that you use it quite often as a room divider.

Convert a Closet

Instead of creating a nightmare closet where you can never find anything, use a closet in your home to store your books. This serves a dual purpose as you will love the extra book storage while you will be forced to put everything away instead of shoving it in the closet and telling yourself you will deal with it later.

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