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Four Easy Ways To Customize Your Apartment

Four Easy Ways To Customize Your Apartment

Four Easy Ways To Customize Your Apartment

Your apartment is one space you can completely customize to reflect your sense of style. A few quick upgrades of simple fixtures around your home can make dramatic changes for relatively cheap.

Check with management to make sure you can change out fixtures, then check out these tips to give your apartment a quick makeover.

1. Light fixtures and bulbs

A bright and well-lit apartment is both warm and inviting. So, one of the easiest ways to give your apartment a facelift is to change out the light fixtures to add multiple bulbs and dimming capabilities. Or, upgrade current fixtures by replacing covers and lamp shades to allow more light through.

Next, take a quick inventory of the bulbs in your apartment. Determine the lighting needs of each room, and see if you can change and upgrade bulbs to meet them. Use Edison bulbs as accent lighting, and install stick-on track lights with directional bulbs for under cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom.

2. Windows

The easiest upgrade you can make with your window is to change your curtains. Curtains can have a dramatic impact on the interior of your apartment. You can get them in various sizes, materials (textures) and colors depending on the mood of the room.

An easy way to increase the privacy in your apartment is to use window-tinting film. This film comes in two options– frosted and reflective. The frosted film is more preferable, because it will still allow natural light to enter your apartment while blurring the view into your apartment. Some window-tinting films also have ultra-violet filters which help protect your furniture from sunlight damage.

3. Decorative Fan Blades

Switching out ceiling fan blades can have a huge impact on a room’s decor and temperature. If your fans have skinny, outdated blades, you may be able to replace them and lower your energy costs while upgrading the overall look.

Take a picture of your current ceiling fan, and ask a sales associate at a hardware store to assist you in finding compatible replacement blades. Be sure to keep the originals in a safe place, and ask management if you should switch them back when you move out.

4. Custom hardware

Hardware goes far beyond cabinet knobs and handles. Your options range from shower heads to light switch covers to curtain rods. Little things like these can have a huge effect on your apartment as a whole. And, for the most part, all you need is a screwdriver.

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