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Top Apartment Amenities Every Renter Wants

Top Apartment Amenities Every Renter Wants

Top Apartment Amenities Every Renter Wants

Amenities are one of the best perks that come with renting an apartment.  When you live in an apartment complex, you have access to many amenities and luxurious features that can enhance your lifestyle, alleviate stress, and make everyday life easier.  At our apartments in Simpsonville, South Carolina, we have many amenities that keep our tenants engaged and happy when they are living here.  These are some of the most popular apartment amenities that every renter is looking for in the current renter’s market.

Swimming Pools

When people tour their apartment complex, they love to see swimming pools in the amenities.  These features are expensive to put in your own yard, so they offer a luxurious option for renters to enjoy without the expense and maintenance.  

Fitness Center

The rise in at-home fitness has made it clear that many people love to workout without having to leave the comforts of their own community.  When apartment complexes have a fitness center onsite, residents do not need to leave to get their workout done.  This means that they will be able to live a healthy lifestyle without any of the hassle.

In-Unit Laundry

There is nothing as sweet as in-unit laundry.  Climbing up and down many flights of stairs with a heavy laundry basket is a thing of the past when you live at an apartment complex with washers and dryers in each unit.  Because of this, many apartments are now created with this feature.

Visitor Parking

Parking is a luxury in some cities.  Apartments may have limited spaces to offer their guests, which means that their visitors will not have the ability to park close by.  Some people do not like this inconvenience.  Visitor parking has become another important amenity that renters value in this day and age.

On-Site Storage Units

People have a lot of stuff.  It’s no secret that apartments are smaller than most single-family homes, leaving renters with less space for all their things.  When you also offer on-side storage units, you make it possible for renters to keep their belongings nearby.  This saves them the hassle of having to drive to a different storage location when they are looking for something in particular.

Pet-friendly Amenities

Pets are family too, and people will be looking for this when they are looking for a place to live.  Many young people enjoy spending their time with dogs and cats, and they will not be willing to give this up to rent an apartment.  By offering pet-friendly amenities, like dog parks and spas, you will cater to this entire population.

These are a few of the most popular amenities that cause renters to be more attracted to certain apartments.  When you are looking for an attractive and comfortable place to call home, contact our apartments in Simpsonville, South Carolina to hear about our available units today.