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Five Tips to Maximize Studio Apartment Space

Five Tips to Maximize Studio Apartment Space

Five Tips to Maximize Studio Apartment Space

Apartment residents appreciate quite a few benefits. While others shovel snow from their drives or hold the dandelions in check, individuals who live in apartments are free to spend their time however they want.

If an appliance fails, homeowners usually have no alternative but to dip into savings, but apartment residents can make a call and have everything taken care of. Plus, apartments allow residents to live in more desirable areas than they may be capable of affording. Many apartment buildings offer incredible amenities, like swimming pools, on-site exercise areas, or striking rooftop gardens.

But, for all of their considerable advantages, apartments don't offer as much living area as a single-family home usually does. This is especially valid for studio apartments, where space is minimal. So, smart apartment-dwellers are always watching for ways to make the most of their space.

Build Up, Not Out

The same method urban planners use to stop urban sprawl also works wonders in studio apartments. Tall shelving is a great way to stow and display texts, knickknacks, and other small items that may otherwise clutter your space. You can mount smaller shelving anywhere it won't be in the way. Consider mounting them in places where they won't impede the flow of activity around your space, like over doors and in low-traffic corners.

Undercover Storage Spaces

If you use imagination and purchase the right furniture, you can maximize your storage prospects. By mounting your bed on a system with built-in drawers or sufficient clearance for storage containers, you'll gain a space to store the extra bedding and clothing items you don't keep in regular rotation. Using an end-table that doubles as a cabinet will deliver space for extra critical but rarely-used things.

Less Is More

A large sectional couch is probably overkill if your apartment only has two renters. Instead, pick a stylish futon or loveseat that converts into a bed, just in case guests come to stay. Furniture pieces that look good in a big house can be an imposing presence in a small space.

Visual Space

When creating a cozy living space with a small footprint, actual physical space is critical, but it's not the only thing that matters. You can also do tricks to make your space feel and look larger. For instance, mirrors can extend visual space, presenting the impression of much bigger quarters. Natural light can also be used effectively, lending extra breathing room to a small area.

Bright accent pieces can be just the thing to deliver your studio apartment more pep, but too many brilliant colors can make a room feel cluttered and overwhelming. So rather than going overboard with eye-catching hues, create a unifying, neutral color scheme and flavor it up with trendy additions on an as-needed basis.

Simple Rules

Embracing practices facilitative to small-scale living can be a great help. For instance, take a one-touch approach to prevent mail from cluttering your space. Open the mail, decide whether it needs to be saved, and deal with it as needed. Creating a rule that when a new piece of furniture or attire joins the household, another must leave can also effectively control overcrowding. So many great pieces are out there, but you don't have space for them all!

Utilize these tips for maximizing your area, and call us first if you are looking for apartments for rent in Simpsonville, SC.