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How to Devise Rooms in a Studio Apartment

How to Devise Rooms in a Studio Apartment

How to Devise Rooms in a Studio Apartment

For your first solitary apartment experience, studios are often a need. Unfortunately, square footage comes at a premium if you want to make your home in a trendy, highly desirable location, so space is usually the first thing surrendered to the apartment gods!

But just because you surrender space doesn't mean you can't construct a little solitude – even in a studio apartment. Read on for some excellent ideas on creating a separation between work, living spaces, and anywhere you'd like to keep a little more confidential.


This is an obvious solution. Curtains are an affordable, easy way to block off parts of your studio apartment. The best feature? You can also leave them open when you prefer things to seem more spacious. For example, some individuals prefer to separate their sleeping areas all the time. Others may only desire to do so if a buddy sleeps on the futon.

Leaning on the dimensions of your studio, you can suspend the curtains close to your bed for an almost-canopy result. However, some renters prefer to mount them directly to their ceiling – no drop space – and let them go all the way to their floor, creating a small, walled boudoir that appears right out of an epoch romance novel.

One curtain by itself can function as a partition, clarifying a studio's space without shutting anything off. Other opportunities in this vein include sliding, ceiling-mounted cloth panels for a neater, crisper look.


They're adaptable! Ideal for showcasing your favored books, travel tokens, and other cute décor items, bookcases of all dimensions can be utilized to construct divisions in studio apartments where none exist.

The least invasive method – flanking the sides of your bed with a pair of bookcases – may not construct a division, but it makes things cozy, setting your bed off a bit visually. In addition, employing two – one high, one low – can help enclose your bed into an alcove, with the shorter of the two acting as a makeshift end table. And, of course, tall bookcases – one or more – can construct an entire "wall" that divides the kitchen or bedroom from the remainder of the living area while adding lots of visual interest.


If your studio is super small, just placing the sofa at the end of your bed can set your bedroom apart without making the area seem smaller or obstructing views to windows, making a space brighter and more unrestricted.

Likewise, a dresser or credenza can accomplish the same trick. Use a fabric panel, and you not only construct the illusion of a room, but you've also got a built-in projection screen for films or gaming!

Other thoughts

When it comes to studios, your most valuable weapons are flexibility and imagination. One alternative is to attempt elevating! There are concealed advantages. Lifting your bed higher off the floor makes it seem like its own area when you're relaxing in it. Bonus: well-placed curtains or panels under the bed make it a whole new area for storage, which you will most assuredly desire in a studio apartment.

Once regarded, you may determine that creating actual enclosures is more symbolic than literal. For instance, choose a futon or daybed instead of a traditional bed, transforming your studio apartment into a bedroom when it's time to rest and a living/working space when you require it!

We hope this helps you create rooms in your studio apartment if you want them. Contact us today if you are interested in apartments in Simpsonville, SC. We want to help you find your new home.