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How to Host Friendsgiving on a Budget

How to Host Friendsgiving on a Budget

How to Host Friendsgiving on a Budget

It’s almost that time of year again. We’ll soon all be crowding around tables to break bread with our loved ones and start celebrating the holiday season. Often times, this all begins with a Friendsgiving event. If it is your turn to host this annual dinner party in your apartment, you will want to do everything you can to stay on budget while still throwing an unforgettable party at our apartments in Simpsonville, South Carolina. By following these tips, you can host Friendsgiving at your apartment without breaking the bank.

Have a Potluck

One of the best ways to host a budget-friendly event is to have a potluck. By asking each guest to bring a food or beverage item, you save yourself both money and time on purchasing, prepping, and cooking each item. Thanksgiving is often a full menu, and this takes time and dedication in your kitchen. Delegate some of the responsibility by having a potluck event.

Do It BYOB Style

Alcohol is also a large expense that can end up busting any budget. Instead of footing the tab for all the alcohol, host a BYOB style event and encourage your guests to bring their favorite cocktails or beers. This can be an exciting way to add variety to your bar while also sharing the expenses with the guests at your Friendsgiving.

Plan Your Shopping

Although it may be time-consuming, you should take a look at the grocery store ads and plan your shopping based on the lowest prices. Look for sales at each place and plan your lists accordingly. While it may be easier to go to one place and buy everything, you could lose out on certain sales that can save you money when purchasing all types of food and drink.

Add DIY Decorations

Decorations can often add a large expense to any party, and you may not always realize this expense until you take a look at your receipts. Consider making all your own décor for the party. Write out guest name tags, create banners, and print out any menus from your own computer. This can end up saving you up to a hundred dollars if you deck out your apartment in plenty of holiday décor.

Prepare Your Apartment

When you are hosting a large crowd in your apartment, you need to prepare your space for hosting. This may involve bringing in a few folding tables and chairs, especially if you plan on having a sit-down dinner. You may also want to consider removing any fragile items from easily accessible tables or shelves, as this can decrease any chances of breaking your items once the room is full of people.

These are just a few tips to help you throw a budget-friendly Friendsgiving event at your own apartment. When it comes time to welcome guests to your home, you will love living at our spacious and luxurious apartments in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

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