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Recycling When You Stay in an Apartment

Recycling When You Stay in an Apartment

Recycling When You Stay in an Apartment

Leaning on where you live, it may not be as effortless to recycle as you'd prefer it to be. If you live in a neighborhood that doesn't recycle, you might find it difficult to remain earth-conscious. But it's not inconceivable. So if you're attempting to find ways to have a more sustainable lifestyle, consider these suggestions from our experts on apartments for rent in Simpsonville, SC, for recycling when you live in an apartment that doesn't offer the courtesy.

1. Set up your own recycling plan

The most comprehensive way to start recycling everything possible is to set up your own recycling scheme. This can be a drawn-out process, so consider these steps to get started:

First, get online to locate the recycling center close to you. Once you've found a recycling center, request information on which items they'll accept. Set up recycling in your apartment. This can be as simple as placing a couple of bins in the closet for individuals with a fair amount of space. But if you have a little apartment, there are ways to store recyclables. Consolidate your kitchen items to make a couple of drawers available, where you can arrange paper, cans, and bottles. Separate them into reusable linen grocery bags so you can lift them out of the drawers when you're ready to go.

The next step stumps many people — you must get your recyclables to the recycling center. If you don't have an automobile, you can use public transportation, take a cab, or summon an Uber. Some individuals even set up carpool schedules with other residents in their facility or complex and take turns carrying everyone's recyclables over!

2. Keep your cans

Several states have grocery marts with aluminum can buy-back recycling plans, making recycling them easy. Unfortunately, these machines typically only accept aluminum soda cans and pay 5 to 10 cents for each can.

3. Reduce

Carrying your paper, cans, and bottles to the recycling center isn't the only method to be more eco-friendly in your everyday life. The mantra states, "reduce, reuse, recycle," so don't overlook the first two words.

To reduce:

  • Try cutting down your consumption.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing bottled water every day.
  • Bring your own travel mug to Coffee shops.
  • Take reusable bags with you to the grocery store, so you don't need to use plastic grocery bags.
  • Don't print much paper unless you have to. There are apps for nearly everything, so utilize them for grocery lists and calendars rather than employing paper, and go online to opt-out of accepting all the junk mail you toss into the trash right away.

4. Reuse

To reuse, you can be creative. Think of methods you can continually reuse items, like repurposing glass jars for storage containers and transforming old T-shirts into rags. Furthermore, if there are any preschools or daycare centers nearby, see if they're interested in arts and crafts objects, like old containers or egg cartons, instead of throwing them away.

We hope this helps you recycle if you live in a complex that does not offer the service. Contact us today if you are looking for apartments for rent in Simpsonville, South Carolina.