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Enjoying Your Vacation Time When Travel is not an Option

Enjoying Your Vacation Time When Travel is not an Option

Enjoying Your Vacation Time When Travel is not an Option

Perhaps you can't afford a voyage this year or a pilgrimage to the beach, but you still have those holiday hours. It'd be a disgrace to let the clock run out on the year without utilizing them. So if vacation isn't in the cards this year, enjoy a staycation instead. Put in a request for time off and use it to lounge around the apartment, get some reading accomplished, and otherwise rest with help from the experts at our apartments for rent in Simpsonville, SC:

First things first: hide your phones

When you're on a cruise or sunbathing in Spain, your phone probably isn't ringing off the hook. Since you probably get crystal-clear reception in your house, you'll need to forge your own out-of-network experience. It's pretty easy to do: just mute your phones and cram them in the guest room drawer. If you really desire to cut off the world for a few days, let your buddies and relatives know you'll be off the grid and turn your phones off while you're on staycation. It's much easier to unwind when you don't feel pushed to instantly answer every text.

Make your bedroom a hotel room

Much like the restroom, your bedroom is an area that can readily become a serene escape with just a few superficial tweaks. Splurge on a nice set of sheets with a high thread count, perhaps add some comfy throw pillows and get a vase of fresh flowers or a few candles.

Head to a movie (or binge at home)

If your staycation involves dealings with the outside world, then plan a movie night as a laid-back way to appreciate an evening. But if you're really dedicated to the stay part of staycation, snuggle up at home with a great Netflix series. Consider binging on summertime fluff like Grace and Frankie or Hot Wet American Summer: First Day of Camp. You can also set up a movie marathon. There's no shame in watching five Lifetime movies in a row.

Read 'til you drop

Reading for pleasure is a luxury you likely don't have during the workweek, so take full advantage of the time off. Ask around for advice from friends and family with matching tastes in books and check them out at the library before your staycation starts. Then indulge in a reading binge while you have the downtown. Pro tip: choose a few distinct genres of books so that you can have choices when you sit down for a reading sesh.

Buy some high-end towels

A dash of luxury bath salts and some scented candles can make you feel papmpered. These details could be all it takes to convert your bathroom into an oasis and make it part of the staycation adventure. So indulge in a bath with all the trappings during your stay (at home).

Follow these tips for your next staycation. And contact us today for apartments for rent in Simpsonville, SC. We are here to help.