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Make Your Apartment Look Luxurious on a Limited Budget

Make Your Apartment Look Luxurious on a Limited Budget

Make Your Apartment Look Luxurious on a Limited Budget

Your apartment in Simpsonville, SC. looks fabulous, but by following some simple design tips, you can make it look luxurious. The great news is that most of these ideas also add to the comfort level of your home.

Make a Reading Nook

If you are a reader, then it is incredibly easy to make a well-appointed reading nook. Head to the thrift store to find three pieces of furniture. You need one that is low and wide, and two that are much taller and identical. Put the two identical pieces on either side and the low one in the middle. Then, cut a piece of foam the same size as the low piece. Cover the foam in a beautiful fabric and place it on top of the middle section. Finally, style your shelves with plants, photos, and your favorite books.

Hang Art

Everyone has a favorite style of art or a favorite theme. Get a bunch of pictures that you like. Put them in identical frames and hang them all on one wall. Creating a gallery wall gives you and your company a place to focus and looks much more elegant than single pieces that are not big enough hung on a wall.

Add a Backsplash

Backsplashes are a great accessory to add elegance to your kitchen. The easiest option that almost everyone can install in minutes is to use peel-and-stick tile. You may also want to consider creating your backsplash with removable wallpaper. Making a removable panel allows you to use tile or paint to create a backsplash. It is also possible to turn your favorite photos into a removable backsplash by having them printed on metal.

Add an Area Rug

Adding an area rug is a great way to increase the glamor of your apartment in Simpsonville, SC. In order to create a traditional look, measure the seating area, and choose an area rug one size up. If you want to give your apartment a more modern flair, then choose smaller area rugs that fit in front of your furniture. In order to create a contemporary look, consider layering small area rugs on top of bigger ones.

Splurge on Statement Pieces

While your budget may be tight, you can still splurge on statement pieces. In order to decide which items to splurge on, take a walk around your apartment. Look for pieces that you see from many different places. Then, upgrade these items first. A great place to find statement pieces at a reasonable price is often at thrift stores.

The first step in creating a luxurious living space is to choose the right apartments in Simpsonville, SC. Contact us today to schedule a tour. You will love the spaciousness of these apartment homes, and you will adore the friendly community spirit. Contact us today to get the process started.