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What Colors Should I Use to Decorate My Apartment?

What Colors Should I Use to Decorate My Apartment?

What Colors Should I Use to Decorate My Apartment?

Have you recently moved into a new apartment? Are you tired of staring at blank walls? Getting ready to add style and décor to your apartment can keep you scrolling through the internet to find the best design for your space. This can become time-consuming and it can also be expensive. However, when you are looking to enhance your apartments for rent in Simpsonville, South Carolina, you should consider adding a color scheme that reflects your personal style and personality. This will provide a cohesive look to your apartment without breaking the budget. There are a few color schemes that you should consider when it comes time for you to decorate your apartment for rent in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Jewel Tones

Colors like teal and emerald are warm colors that can make any space seem rich in color and cozy in feeling. You may even want to consider offsetting these darker tones with pops of light yellow. Consider adding teal art and wall décor and then placing a few yellow throw pillows on the couch to enhance the appearance of the space.

Stark Whites

When you are looking for a simple, yet elegant design, you may want to consider using all whites in your space. White throw pillows, white art frames, and white furniture can make a bold and clean statement. Be sure that you keep your whites nice and clean so that they don't appear dirty or faded over time, as this can ruin the look.

Different Shades of Red

It may seem too bold to mix different shades of red into your apartment décor, but this can actually make a bold and vibrant statement. Consider layering frames that are different shades of red, and add throw pillows or blankets with this similar color palette. This will make a stunning style that pops.

Hot Yellow and Orange

These colors will make your apartment feel vibrant and stylish. This "hot" color palette is a great for summer months, which are full of hot temperatures and sunny days. If you are concerned about mixing these two bold colors, consider just adding a few accent pieces in these colors to spice up your apartment just a little bit.

Earthy and Neutral Tones

When you want your apartment to evoke feelings of peace and tranquility, you should consider using earthy tones in your apartment décor. Blues, greens, and beiges will help you feel relaxed in your own space. These colors are also part of the natural world, which will make it easy to keep your windows open and let that natural light shine into your rooms.

These are different color schemes to consider when it comes time for you to decorate your apartment. By adding pops of cohesive colors to your apartment for rent in Simpsonville, South Carolina, your apartment will start to feel like your own personal home. Contact us today!